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  • Fruit Plan | Valle del Cauca, Land of Fruits

    General Objective: Develop a commercial fruit culture, technified and in volume, through a planning process that allows a productive and competitive specialization for each species, according to the agro-ecological and infrastructure potential of each region… Valle del Cauca, land of fruits, vocation that reflects the potential of a region that in addition to meeting exception al soil conditions, climate   and varieties has a traditional production, culture of consumption and of ...

    Posted at October 26, 2011 | By : | Categories : Blog | 6,875 Comments
  • Scientists demonstrate that Mediterranean fruit fly does not exist in Colombian passifloras

    A meticulous study of pest insects realized by experts of the CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) demonstrated that the devastating fruit fly does not exist in the Colombian passifloras like sweet passion fruit, yellow and purple diflucan drug interactionpassion fruit. These results have just been published in the scientific journal Crop Protection. chloromycetin fish avodart ...

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  • A paradise called Colombia

    Colombia is an Amazing country full of contrasts and friendly, working people.  Check out this video! 2005 bipolar depression lamictal avodart cialis clomid diflucan dostinex glucophage book com guest mark online propecia site female viagra uk side effects of amoxil

    Posted at October 24, 2011 | By : | Categories : Blog | 7,477 Comments
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